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What is Energy Saving Autoclaved Aerated Concrete?

  • AAC Is 100% Green Building Material / Alternative Building Material
  • No Pollutants
  • No Toxic By-products in the Manufacturing or Construction Process
  • AAC Is Sustainable Cellular Concrete
  • It is a Long-lasting Material Requiring Minimal Maintenance.
  • It Produces No Waste Products!
  • AAC qualifies for numerous LEED Credits
  • AAC is manufactured with abundant and/or recycled raw materials
  • It’s manufacture requires the least amount of energy compared to other materials
  • Since AAC consists of approximately 80% air the finished product has up to 5 times the volume of the raw materials used
  • Add Up USGBC LEED Credits with AAC

AAC is one of the most rigorously-tested new materials to be code-approved and has undergone the close scrutiny of several official bodies in addition to the IBC such as the MSJC and BSSC. Further, its seismic performance has been extensively studied both in laboratory tests done by the University of Texas, Austin and in real life conditions around the world.

CNN Article - Material stops 2,000-degree fires

EA 1 Optimize Energy Performance
When using an energy model instead of prescriptive energy code compliance, AAC will contribute to energy efficiency credits. When combined with efficient windows and roof system the envelope contributes to overall energy conservation. AAC offers an insulated block AC2 up R=2.4 per inch, as equivalent R-value with Mass Wall Benefit.

MR 2 Construction Waste Management
Any waste from AAC can be used as clean fill and gravel.

MR 5 Local/Regional Materials
AAC manufacturing plants are on the mainland USA and in Asia.  Railroads are used from our plant to the nearest port to conserve fuel usage and ship by barge to Hawaii, also reducing fuel emissions from transportation. Our nearest plant is more than 500 miles away from Hawaii.

EQ 4 Low Emitting Materials
Not only does AAC have no volatile organic compounds itself, adhesives and finishes recommended for it are VOC free as well.

ID 1 Innovation in Design
AAC contributes to an Integrated Pest Management Plan. Pesticides are not needed for termites with this product. Rodents have no place to travel within AAC.

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