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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete - Material Advantages - Fire Resistant

  • Highest fire rating in the industry
  • Ideal for fire and shaft walls
  • Non-combustible
  • No toxic gases or vapors emitted
  • Effective protection against loss of property and life

AAC is non-combustible. So in the case of fire, no toxic gases or vapors are emitted.
Solid AAC construction without any additional finishing materials, provides a fire rating of 4 hours for a 6 inch minimum wall. This exceptional rating meets even the most stringent requirements of the Standard Building Code. A 4 inch AAC - panel wall construction, without any additional finishing materials, achieves a rating of 3 hours.

  • Is Non-Combustible
  • Prevents Spread of Fire
  • Will Never Emit Toxic Gases
  • Additional Coating Not Required
  • Install before building Dried-In
  • Fewer Inspections Required
  • Up To 6 Hour Fire Rating
Floor Panels 4 hour 6” K908,K909,K910 restrained or unrestrained
Roof Panels 4 hour 6” P931,P932,P933 restrained or unrestrained
Block/Wall Panel 4 hour 4” U916,U918,U919,U921 non bearing
Block/Wall Panel 4 hour 6” U916,U918,U919,U921 non bearing or bearing lintels
Block/Wall Panel 2 hour 2” V420 bearing wall attached to Steel Stud System
Block/Wall Panel 4 hour 4”, 8” X901 Steel Column Protection

AAC provides the highest security against fire and meets the most stringent fire safety requirements. It is both resistant to fire up to 2192°F and, unlike other construction materials, heat-resistant. AAC can thus be used as a fire wall to prevent fire from spreading, thereby protecting lives and economic assets.

In a real blaze, an AAC fire wall even survived intact for 120 hours. Small wonder, then, that AAC is used in fire safety tests as a building material for kilns to measure the fire resistance properties of other construction products. Some insurance companies offer reductions in fire premiums for buildings with AAC fire walls.


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