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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete - Construction Benefits

  • Fast and efficient panel installation reduces labor cost
  • Modular components provide for ease of erection
  • AAC puts your project on the fast track
  • No reshoring accelerates finish trades
  • No furring, insulation or drywall needed
  • Workable like wood

AAC building systems have been successfully developed and implemented for more than 65 years. They have been utilized in residential and commercial applications.

The short- and long-term benefits of these systems are realized by owners, developers, designers and contractors alike. The benefits are achieved by the various material properties and methods that are associated with the established approach to construction.

For the Owner
One of the main benefits of AAC is safety. An owner using AAC products creates a sound, functional and safe building. Another benefit of the AAC system is versatility. AAC can provide many architectural features that will enhance and project a unique architectural image for the building and its owner. AAC construction is insect and termite proof. Therefore, the need for expensive insect and pest treatment as well as long term maintenance costs will be greatly reduced. To complete Michael Hofmann’s concept of a great building system, the superior thermal properties associated with all of the AAC products will translate into increased energy savings.

For the Developer
The cost savings realized when using AAC products, mainly related to the shorter construction time, will be dramatic. The advantages of AAC include low maintenance costs, good sound insulation and excellent thermal insulation. It easily meets hurricane and energy codes.

For the Designer
Creative designs cannot be realized without the use of a highly adaptable construction material. AAC can be adapted to suit most architectural designs while still providing a simple construction system that can meet all load requirements.

For the Contractor
Buildings can be constructed quickly and safely using AAC building systems. The product itself is lightweight; therefore easily handled.

AAC’s workability (e.g. anchoring, routing, and drilling characteristics) is well developed and can be easily performed. Typically, wall panel connections are installed with nails. AAC material also produces less waste. By using the right combinations of AAC products, productivity will be increased. AAC will reduce the amount of time spent on job sites due to its ease of handling

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