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Solar Systems - Alternative Renewable Green Energy Source

SOLAR HOT WATER is the most cost-effective and efficient renewable energy available. Dollar for
dollar, a solar hot water system is more affordable and provides greater energy output than any other form of renewable energy for your home.


  • Reduce your hot water bills up to 80%
  • Protect against future energy rate increases
  • Get a 30% federal tax credit
  • Save even more with local incentives
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Lower your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve the air quality in your community

Save Money

Using solar energy to heat your water can reduce your hot water bills up to 80% a month. And because the sun is free, you will be protected from future fuel shortages and price hikes.

Now you can take advantage of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) from the federal government and enjoy a 30% tax credit based on the cost of a solar thermal system for your home. Plus, many states and local utilities companies offer additional incentives and rebates. Just ask your local installer for more information.

Vaillant Solar Systems is going to sweeten the deal with an exclusive $200 rebate. Simply complete the rebate form below and fax or mail it to Vaillant Solar Systems upon completion of your solar installation.

Vaillant Solar Systems

Headquartered in San Diego, Vaillant Solar Systems manufactures solar thermal systems that generate hot water for your home, pool, or spa. Our solar hot water systems are designed and installed by factory-trained and certified solar installers.

Vaillant Solar Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Vaillant Group, a progressive German developer of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning technology, with annual sales of $3.4 billion.

Family-owned since its founding in 1874, the Vaillant Group has long been focused on energy-efficient heating and cooling products. This extensive experience ensures premium solar thermal systems with the best solar panels on the market.

Save the Environment

Did you know that in a city block, residential water heaters are the second largest contributors to
carbon dioxide emissions?

By tapping into clean, renewable sunshine to heat water for your home, pool, or spa you can eliminate an average of 5,000 pounds of CO2 each year. Over the life of a solar thermal system, that’s equivalent to taking more than ten cars off the road!

Award-Winning Products

Vaillant Solar Systems offers a range of options for residential installations, which can be
customized to meet your family’s needs. Our premium-quality systems are installed by trained contractors and every system is inspected by a Vaillant-certified technician.

auroTHERM Solar Collector auroTANK Solar Tank auroFLOW Solar Station
  • Anti-reflective glass ensures 96% solar
  • Propylene glycol mixture
    protects against freezing
  • Slimline design provides
    subtle profile on roof
  • Glass-lined steel tank ensures the longevity
    of system
  • Revision opening
    enables easy cleaning
    and maintenance
  • Removable hard
    insulation conserves heat
  • Digital monitor provides
    easy programming
    and monitoring
  • Water temperature
    monitor controls the
    water pump
  • Molded insulation and
    compact design enables
    a clean installation



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