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Green Building - Energy Saving Construction in Hawaii

Since 2005, MHE has successfully built with AUTOCLAVED AERATED CONCRETE (AAC) in Hawaii. MHE was the FIRST company in Hawaii to successfully complete an AAC project.

Burger King - Ewa Beach

Following MHE's successfully completion of its first project, Kazi Foods (the second largest franchise), authorized MHE for the construction of its next Building, a KFC, also in Ewa Beach.

Steve Johnson, General Manager of Kazi Foods, was very pleased with our performance and  honored our outstanding commitment.


Alan Shintani from Alan Shintani Inc. saw the great material at the Burger King and quickly reorganized on how he can save more than 20% when building with AAC. He authorized  MHE to deliver the structural steel and the AUTOCLAVED AERATED CONCRETE for his office/warehouse in Waipahu. MHE also provided the complete Engineering for the structural steel and for the AAC including the shop drawings. Click here for more details for the Design and Engineer Department.

Dave Ristenpart from Maui planned to build his House as an 'Ohana' style house on Maui in Ka`anapali. He traveled to Ohau and saw the material in action and hired MHE to Engineer and Construct his buildings. See here for the service information of the Construction Department

Dave Ristenpart stated that he appreciated the guidance, from Design to structural completion, which he measured as invaluable. He also stated that he appreciated the personal attention.

Lori Higgens from Higgens Fine Art in Lahaina requested MHE to build her sound barrier wall in Haiku because AAC has such excellent sound-values.

The success of MHE with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete quickly generated a response from Axel Lehrer, who intended to build his house with AAC. MHE provided its full range of services from design and Engineering; over to the material supply for his construction service;

MHE supplied and installed the structural steel package and installed all AAC floor and roof panels

Axel Lehrer stated, that he was very please with MHE who assisted in all stages from Design/Engineering to material supply to installation service of the main structure. He appreciated the onsite help and the material coordination.

Robert Robinson from Pro Draft on Maui, a prime Designer of AAC projects, designed the Ristenpart residence following the Firestein residence. Here also MHE provided successful the AAC and also provided an onsite training for the local workforce.

Gordon Firestein and his wife are enjoying the house in Lahaina, sitting on their terrace and enjoying their view

MHE is continuing with their local staff and their office in Honolulu to provide excellent service for residential and commercial projects.

You can reach us via email or call the AAC Specialist of MHE-HAWAII Michael Hofmann, who has more than 22 years experience with AAC.

MHE-HAWAII is the only company in Hawaii who has the knowledge, thru Michael Hofmann, to train and educate anyone sufficiently. Even the IMI (International Masonry Institute) in Seattle of the State of Washington invited Michael Hofmann in 2009 to train their Instructors in Application and Use of AAC.

MHE celebrates a continued 4 years of success of using AAC in Hawaii and can prove its track record with successful projects and happy customers who occupy their AAC projects. We look forward providing you with our excellent Service. MHE-HAWAII, as a major AAC Supplier, has a buying power of AAC matched by none.

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